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Welcome to the beautiful world of RICAMI Studio!

This is how RICAMI Studio was created in 1998, combining the innate talent in design and drawing, with the love for decorating fabrics with multi-colour threads and beautiful designs, with the joy of creativity with endless hours of hard work, and by depositing our soul and spirit.

With over 20 years of experience and expertise, we specialize in transferring traditional embroidery skills into a new creative trend.

RICAMI Studio is an active team which combines the experience and youthful creative enthusiasm of its specialized and well-trained staff, with state of the art equipment, housed in an appropriately decorated pleasant work environment, which stresses the ability for creation, contributes to the highest level of quality for the most effective and successful service of its clients.

Our company is housed in privately owned premises in the Industrial Area of the Municipality of Nicosia. We have the latest models of the Japanese Tajima embroidery machines, with the capability of continuous upgrading.

Also, we use the unique Italian professional software Stilista 3 for the creation of perfect embroidery programs, which was distinguished internationally with the first prize in creativity, as well as, a second software program, the e-bird.

With the combination of advanced technology, both in machinery and in software programs, we achieve the highest quality.

Recognizing the need for innovative solutions in the increasing demands of the market, RICAMI Studio is ready for instant response and the satisfaction of every wish of its clients.

Special importance is shown to the quality of the materials we use.
The exceptional quality of the threads we use are of German origin, of the brands AMANN and ACKERMAN, with ISO 105N01 certification, which secure the flawless and durable manufacturing of our embroideries.

We undertake small and large quantities of embroideries on any type of surface or fabric.

We decorate cut or ready-made garments, such as T. Shirts, caps, workwear, school uniforms, medical uniforms, ties, scarves, bags, towels, robes, even drawings and works of art.

Also, we specialize in banners, flags, signs, emblems and shoulder pads for the army and police and all types of names and badges.

The RICAMI Studio team maintains a level of exceptional quality for embroideries, perfect design, quick service, combined with competitive prices, and in the last 20 years, has a leading position in the market, serving the leading companies in the sector of uniforms and advertising gifts, something which gives us the joy, strength and inspiration to continue, continuously adjusting to the new challenges of current conditions.

We always work with consistency, responsibility, for every challenge in the market, with new ideas and styles, but above all, putting in the most simple embroidery program, all our zeal and taste, so as to secure the creation of the most successful embroideries, satisfying even the most demanding of our clients.

The long list of our selected clients, of the most renowned companies in the sectors of fashion, clothing and advertising gifts, is the guarantee and advertisement for RICAMI Studio over time, both locally and overseas.

We always seek to build a long-lasting, stable cooperation with all of you.

Something which inspires us, which is created with care and love, is always the beginning of a bright journey, of our journey!