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We digitize your ideas

We create perfected embroidery programs

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RICAMI Studio, with its long experience and the use of the most upgraded software programs, has the possibility of providing the highest quality of digitization of your desired motifs, ready to be sent electronically to our embroidery machines, as well as online, wherever it is necessary.

The Italian professional software Stilista 3, which was distinguished worldwide with a first prize, provides us unlimited possibilities and techniques for the creation of the most complicated embroidery programs.

It has unlimited fonts, as well as the creation of new and endless types of stitches, which in combination with our experience, our love and our passion, we can convert your motif into a real ornament which decorates your products.
We also have a second software, the E-bird, which is equally useful, especially in the filing of our programs.

With the sending of the chosen motif in a AI, EPS, CDR, PDF, PSD, TIFF, PNG, JPEG file, our team, with the appropriate processing, using the appropriate types of stitches, converts the embroidery program which is sent the our automated embroidery machines.

Choosing the desired colours, up to twelve different ones in each motif, we create the first sample on the appropriate surface.


We also provide the service online, to create small or large, simple or complicated programs, appropriate for all types of embroidery programs, sending them worldwide.

For our service, the following are required

  • A design on jpg, png, pdf, ai, cdr, eps
  • Dimensions of the embroidery
  • Type of surface on which it will be embroidered